Watch: The Berrics’, “In Transition”

I don’t follow the skate scene nearly as much as I follow the snow (surprise). However, once in a while something pops up on my radar that I can’t ignore. The Berrics launched a 10-person online edit competition,

“10 skaters, 10 locations. In Transition: a tranny contest like you’ve never seen. We picked 10 of the most progressive skaters on the planet to choose one location each—any location in the world—and film a full part.”

I may not know as much about these guys, but after watching these parts- damn, they’ve got my respect.

Watch Daewon Song, a 40 yr old pro skater, destroy his favorite tranny spot. Then go and watch the rest to decide who you think rode the concrete waves best.

[Click the link below to open up the video-]

Health: Getting Back Into Yoga

[Repost from my personal lifestyle blog]

If you want to have an amazing Sunday that makes you feel fantastic inside and out, then go take an hour to jump back into yoga. Then follow it up with a big bowl of greens, guac and tofu at whole foods (I splurged today, ok?). It will leave you buzzing your whole body over- I keep catching myself smiling for no reason.

I went to Yoyo Yogi in northwest portland- they have an intro deal that let’s you get 12 classes/month for $38. I’ve done my research and that’s one of the best deals for yoga classes in portland. Plus, I found this quote on their website:

“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.” Chinese proverb

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Watch: John Jackson’s Air Time

I met John Jackson about four years ago as an intern at Bonfire. I was up in Government Camp, helping out with the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe and John wanders in to say hello to Java or someone else I’m with. He walks over to us and extends his hand to me- on it is the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen. He asks me if I want to pet his kitty. After a second I realize, no- that’s just a fake kitten made of rabbit fur. But the earnest look in his eyes when he first asked me had made me second guess whether that was a toy or not. Later on I saw him walking around with it tucked into a headband in his dreads.

I just watched episode 3, part 2 of Air Time and it made me think of the first time I ran into this guy. I was put off at first, but then realized I was intrigued and didn’t want to stop watching the video. Also, it ends with them picking up an impossibly tiny puppy in Mexico (that I didn’t believe was real- first kittens, now puppies).

[You can find all of John Jackson’s episodes of Air Time on Transworld]

Read: A Short Journal Entry on Friends

[This post -The Benefits of Discomfort spurred on my inspiration to write for today.]

The whole reason why I started this blog was to help remind myself why I’m living the life that I do. Once or twice a year, I start to falter in my conviction and second-guess my lifestyle choices. In fact, one of those times is occurring right now. I panic, I can’t sleep well at night, I feel anxious for no apparent reason. It’s usually coupled with a significant lack of money, which either spurs on my anxiety even further or is the main trigger to it. I usually accompany it with an intense desire to go shopping and purchase a whole new wardrobe- that feeling of needing to reinvent myself kicking in hard.

What saves me are my friends. I’m pretty sure I’d be on 1,000′s of different medications if I didn’t have friends. I think a lot, probably too much (hence the reason I can’t smoke weed- more thoughts and reduced ability to talk? No thanks). It begins with a choice, something I have to decide. My mind will start racing in a circle, going over the options and every possible outcome over, and over, and over until I’ve literally paced in a circle, picking the same three things up and setting them down again and again. The thing I’ve learned that saves me is an interaction with another person. As soon as I engage with someone, I’m free. My mind sits back, relaxes, and no longer cares about the 20 various hypothetical consequences of wearing shoes versus sandals to walk to the corner store.

My brain helps me out a lot, and all of the thinking it goes through has pushed me to do more in my life than I ever thought possible. But what’s really made my life possible are my friends. From inviting me out on trips, to finding a new drink at a bar to merely hanging out and pulling me out of my head- friends are the most important thing I’ve gained throughout my life. So, thanks friends. You’re awesome.


[Repost] Watch: Heart Coffee, A Film Class Project From 2013

In my last semester at PSU during Fall, 2013 I took a documentary film class. This short film shows the process of preparing AeroPress coffee at Heart, brewed by my friend Ashley Rehfeld. I first posted this on, but felt it might fit a little better here on Gofer. Enjoy!

Heart Coffee from Jenna Kuklinski on Vimeo.

A List: Things I’ve Done in my Car

  • Drove
  • Slept
  • Plucked my eyebrows
  • Done  my makeup
  • Gotten changed
  • Gotten changed for an interview
  • Gotten drunk
  • Rode shotgun
  • Broken up with someone
  • Gotten in an argument
  • Napped in the middle of a city
  • Napped on the side of the road
  • Fit nine people in six seats
  • Drove drunk
  • Off-roaded
  • Gotten stuck in snow
  • Poached wi-fi from a home improvement superstore
  • Written snowboarder articles
  • Blogged
  • Had coffee
  • Made a snowboard edit
  • Homework
  • Brushed my teeth
  • Laughed
  • Lost a tire
  • Made sandwiches
  • Called my Mom
  • Called my Dad
  • Texted while driving
  • Read
  • Made jewelry
  • Smoked
  • Made out
  • Driven a drunk friend home
  • Drawn
  • Taken photos
  • Gotten lost
  • Watched the sun set
  • Seen the sun rise
  • Made a plan
  • Thought about being old
  • Thought about about my grandparents
  • Had a heart-to-heart
  • Cried
  • Sewn
  • Painted my nails
  • Lived.


Read: My 25th Birthday

I made it to 25! I can’t believe I’m here, really. Feels like not too long ago I was 19 and moving to Portland with not much more than a snowboard bag and a dorm-room number. That seems like the marking point for me where I started really growing up; prior to then I’d always been pretty close (if not at) home, and even though I wouldn’t always stay there, I knew I could go back there very easily. Moving to Oregon suddenly put 3,000 miles between myself and anything I had known up until then. It was scary, and I honestly kind of hated portland for the first 4-5 months of living there. However, once I joined the PSU Snowboard Club my life was changed. Being a part of this group and finding people (like Chris and Eddy Barnhart) who were immediately so friendly and inclusive and FUN made me realize this was a place I wanted to be and that snowboarding was something I needed to keep doing. So that was it. I continued my push to finish my Environmental Studies degree, all while working paid (and unpaid) jobs and internships that allowed me to get that much closer to this fantastic new family of riders I’d discovered. I didn’t consciously realize that I was slowly shaping my whole life around this ‘sport’ (activity? passion? fun thing to do with friends?) but it happened all the same. Sometimes I get nervous that I should be out working a 9-5 job that pays more than $10k/year (actually I made less than that this year, according to my tax returns and W-2′s) but then I think about what that would really entail and I immediately feel better about where I’m at.

Last year I celebrated my birthday in the snowy mountains of Alaska, and this year I was in the rather warm Salt Lake City with a few more friends and a lot less snow. On my actual birthday I was taken through my first runs of (baby) chutes at Brighton,

Oh shoot
Oh shoot

followed by a gorgeous hike in to Diamond Fork Hot Springs,

Just dang gorgeous, and only an hour hike in.
Just dang gorgeous, and only an hour hike in.

and finishing with a less-than-pleasant four-police-car-pullover and drug-dog search of Tyler’s van.

Yep that pooch sniffed all over this sketchy van. I was sneakily shooting photos of this whole ordeal. Oops.
Yep that pooch sniffed all over this sketchy van. I was sneakily shooting photos of this whole ordeal. Oops.

Apparently there was a color festival happening the same weekend as my birthday and cops were staking out the hotsprings in hopes of catching out-of-town drugged-up hippies coming out from a relaxing soak. They didn’t find anything (of course), kept us there for about 2 hours, made me dump the rest of my closed bottle of sake (that was in my backpack) out into the dirt and charged us with open containers because we had chosen to carry out our empties instead of leave them in the hot springs for future visitors.

Oh yeah, and one of the cops wished me a happy birthday. Gee, thanks.

My second birthday celebration involved fewer police but was just as fun. My friend Laura R. works at a high-end restaurant in Park City and took myself and a few others out for one of the BEST meals of our lives. Although the plans were a little confusing to everyone (probably my fault for changing from telling everyone it was going to be a nail party to dinner party) we all had an amazing time.

I didn't eat the meats, but the cheese and that honey (oh the honey!) was amazing.
I didn’t eat the meats, but the cheese and that honey (oh the honey!) was amazing.

I will remember that meal for the rest of my life, it was that good (seriously). There were dishes such as winter fruit salad, champagne covered lemon sorbet, filet mignon and finally a richly liquored-up desert coffee that tied the whole thing together perfectly.

We had so many drinks we didn't know which ones to drink when.
We had so many drinks we didn’t know which ones to drink when.

Those chefs know how to make people happy.

Pickled onions and chevre. These chefs knew the way to my heart.
Pickled onions and chevre. They knew the way to my heart.

I think turning 24 scared me more than 25; when this birthday rolled around it felt like most of the other ones I’ve had throughout my life; another year older without any kind of life crisis. Maybe that means my life is more together than it was last year? Though I find that a little hard to believe. Perhaps it’s a sign of maturity. Either way, I don’t really care; I’m just grateful to have amazing friends, family and some good stories to share. I’m gunning for another adventurous 25 years to come (and, you know, maybe a few more ;)).

Here's to birthdays everywhere!
Here’s to birthdays everywhere!



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