Welcome to the collective blog of people who feel it’s worth it to expend a little extra energy living the life they love, solely because they want to. We aren’t all going to be superstars, but life is a lot more fun when you commit to living the way you want to. I aim to gather stories from my friends and people I meet along my travels and then share those day-to-day life stories here on the Gofer Collective.

“Gophers, because of their burrowing, can disrupt human plans like commercial agriculture, garden plots, some landscaping, and some underground cables.” Also-

“Gophers are generally timid but may attack if provoked. If deprived of their normal vegetarian food supply, gophers have been known to resort to cannibalism.” (Well, that doesn’t apply so directly to what I’m doing here, but I did think that was an interesting fact.)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what we’ve got to share.


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