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January in Photos

I find myself shuffling between work and home  so often it sometimes seems hard to take time to go after ‘it’. To stay in shape for ‘it’ I’ve taken up stair running at Mt. Tabor. ~636ft of heart wrenching cardio.  The rationale being if you can’t get gradient on water or rock one might as well get gradient somewhere. 

As February begins and new adventures start to become possible  I took a moment to look back through my photo album from January. These moments capture some of the energy of 2014 so far. It’s been busy and eventful. Full of snapshots, snapchats and a few well placed mustaches.

January’s Fu manchu
Sunny coffee shops make for excellent ‘outdoor’ dates when an extremity mut be elevated near constantly
I’ve stay in shape (somewhat) by running the stairs at Mt Tabor, a volcano located in SE Portland with 636 ft of stairs to get your heart racing faster than the roughest rivers
the dry and cold weather this winter has allowed us to get out climbing at local crags
2 weeks after surgery to repair her ankle Naomi gets her 1st cast removed
A throwback from my desert trip this winter
reading about historical figures (or current figures) keeps life in perspective for me. ie we have it pretty good
I haven’t been boating quite as much as usual so I get my thrills elsewhere. Boof!
Arthrodesis or ankle fusion.
2 out of 16 weeks. We’re in it to win it as they say.

the Plunge

 2014 should hold a lot of plunges. Whether its paddling, working, or moving into a new home, life is always an adventure.  Trying to figure out the fine line between dirtbag and homemaker (or was it homewrecker) is difficult at times.  2013 ended in a whirlwind of red eye flights and storage units. I moved out my house and flew to Arizona for my best friends wedding.

There are few things that will make you reevaluate your life like participating in a wedding. Especially that of one of your closest friends. I’m so proud of my friend Adam (no relation) for making the big plunge.  Was he nervous? You bet. Was she? Definitely. But they went through it together and I’m more than happy to have been able to witness it.
20140108-061915.jpgAfter catching the garter at the wedding I fielded a lot of , “When’s your turn?” queries as well. While I’m not getting hitched in the near future this got me thinking about the big leaps of faith I took in 2013.

 I paddled, climbed, and moved my way through the year. From Arizona to Alaska and back again. Each trip brought me closer to the realization that the plunge, that leap of faith, requires you be comfortable enough with yourself to let go.

2013’s big one

When I started kayaking I swore, vehemently I might add, that I would never ever paddle off a big drop. A little over a year later I found myself seal launching into Lower Bridal Veil falls in the Columbia gorge.A few minutes later, well really seconds, and I found myself in the pool below sans paddle, it had snapped when I flushed through the crack drop after the falls. Exhilarating is definitely a word to describe it. Later that year I found myself with some of the crew in the Columbia Gorge getting ready to paddle over Metlako Falls.

If 2013 was any indication this year will be amazing both on the water and off. Here’s to a new year and taking new, and old, challenges in stride

biggest drop of 2012


Oh, Oh It’s Magic

M. Frank on Big Kahuna
Mayah Frank on Big Kahuna

My name is Adam Edwards. As part of the GOFER-Collective I am sharing a few of my adventures with you.I’m an avid student of psychology and neuroscience, a professional model and actor, and generally fun guy (except when hangry:hunger-anger; a debilitating disease). I’m also 26 year old kayaker, climber, amateur photographer, and all around adventurer in the Pacific Northwest . And these are some stories and photos from my life.
What drives us…gofers? Dirtbags? Individuals who go above and beyond to achieve their dreams.  Is it excitement?  Do we not just care?  We don’t want ‘easy’? Or do we want more? To many of us, that sport we partake in; the life we partake  in, those bonds we form with our groups, are a defining portion of our being. It’s not just getting away from everything, it’s not just a day of work. It is everything to us.  To gather an understanding of a true dirtbag think on the maxim,” some live to eat, some eat to live”

O. Adam on Prelude
O. Adam on Prelude Canyon Creek WA
P. Higgins in Boulder
P. Higgins in Boulder, Canyon Creek WA

The best firsts in life are of course our own because WE have never experienced them. And, not to sound extraordinarily selfish, but our own firsts, our experience, are preeminent in our thoughts regardless of who we are. This is how we evaluate the world.  How we assign value and eventually; desire, that thing that influences how we share and bring more to our community. These firsts let us rate and categorize our other experiences and values with the world.
So celebrate firsts! Celebrate the NEW and the BETTER. STRIVE for it. Use all CAPS. (only sparingly though and for a good point.)
Carpe Omnia Dare omnia; give it all take it all, because you don’t owe the world. The world doesn’t owe you either…. but its a mutually beneficial arrangement you see?

life. Don’t watch. Go out and do. There’s so much to BE.

O. Adam on Big Kahuna
O. Adam on Big Kahuna

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