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Ahead with Full Sails

So, I’m going to start this intro post by getting the whole nickname situation taken care of. Most of my good friends call me bebe [bay-bay]. That name is the product of my attempt to create nicknames for some of my housemates. Instead of using syllables, I thought that we could smoosh together the sounds made by the first two letters of first and last names. Mine was the only name that stuck. Although it’s not a particularly hard to predict outcome, I found it really surprising.

One of the things that I find most interesting about life is how odd and sometimes surprising the circumstances that we find ourselves in are. For instance, writing this blog post. I’m the black sheep of this blog. Out of the people that have posted so far (Jenna, Adam, Marinna) I’m the one most likely to be chained to a desk. At the moment I have job that involves staring at a computer screen for about 25 hours a week. Make no mistake; I’m not planning on becoming a member of the weekend warrior tribe, at least not for the long term. As a recent college graduate I’m dealing with the second set of growing pains for the standard white, middle-class US man. My long-term goals are to use my degrees in engineering and Spanish to travel and perform work that I feel is valuable while getting a chance to play outside. I believe that there are ways that I can make this happen. My current desk job is an internship at an international non-profit organization. It ends in a few months and I’m already excited for what might happen next. This summer I might be working for the same company with hopes of travelling for them later on, guiding rock climbing trips, or living in a village in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. It’s not so bad to have plenty of good options.

My two general approaches to life are to go with the flow and try to figure out how things work. I find that I have the most fun when I don’t try to force things to happen. The bus will come when it wants to and if I can’t climb because it rains then I get to play cards or read a book instead. What I mean by “figure out how things work” is that I grew up in a family that put a premium on the scientific method and science education. When I was 10 my grandpa dissected a cow skull in front my elementary school class. I would regularly mix chemicals together (under supervision) and went to weekend science camps. So, since I was pretty small I’ve looked at most things and tried to figure out how they work. I want to see all of the weird plants and animals, taste delicious foods that I can’t pronounce the names of, and play musical instruments that I didn’t know existed.

Now that you have a little context I guess I should talk about all of the things that I like to do:

-Climbing rocks (big ones, small ones, clipping bolts, placing trad gear, as long as there’s no ice or snow)
-Riding road bikes (to work, to lunch, to camp with lots of gear)
-Sailing boats (at this point just small ones, but dream of larger vessels)


PS It’s New Years Eve so here’s a link to the latest semi-rad blog post about resolutions. I think that it’s really rad!