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Hey all you creative awesome people! I hope that you’ve been doing great; some of you I’ve talked to recently, some of you (sadly) I don’t know what’s new in your life. But, hopefully that will change soon!

The last couple of years I’ve been thinking about my life and how it compares to what the ‘norm’ is for someone my age in the US, and sometimes I get freaked out. What am I doing? Traveling? Snowboarding? Working minimum wage jobs and moving every six months? Barely making it paycheck to paycheck? Occasionally putting groceries on my credit card I still really really need to pay off fully?

And then I talk to people outside of my regular life, outside of my circle of friends, and when I tell them what I do they always say something along the lines of, “You are so lucky! Do that as long as you can.”

Ultimately I come back to this: How I’m living my life is not within the average, but it’s because I have that little bit of drive to live differently that I can love my life and make what I love work in my life.

Ok, so what’s the point of this? For a while, I’ve also been thinking about how lucky I am to know so many amazing people who also have decided to live in a way that trends away from the average. I’ve thought about how you all have awesome stories that you share with me, and how fantastic it would be to get them all together in one place to share with a bunch more people.

I’m not a blog genious (yet. Just like I’m not a helicopter pilot…yet.) so I’m currently working off of a wordpress template, but I did put something together using that and I’ve decided to call it ‘GOFER’.  Gophers are really cute, and when I googled ‘gopher’ I found this awesome Wikipedia entry-

“Gophers, because of their burrowing, can disrupt human plans like commercial agriculture, garden plots, some landscaping, and some underground cables.”

It then continued on to say this, which I just thought was funny (and educational!)-

“Gophers are generally timid but may attack if provoked. If deprived of their normal vegetarian food supply, gophers have been known to resort to cannibalism.”

Gophers disrupt what people are trying to do. Rad! They dig around and operate in communities. Also, they’re vegetarian! (The cannibalism part was something I couldn’t find a connection to…)

Anyway; here’s my point- I want to make this happen. The whole backbone of this ‘collective blog’ would be each of you; my friends who are going out and making things happen. Each person would post entries a time or two a week and together it would create this fascinating collage of people doing rad shit. It would give us all a connection of inspiration too (I hope). You don’t all do the same things (some of you are super driven about similar stuff) but it’s all a bit different and each person offers their own perspective on it all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all stay tuned and follow the stories that come out of this collective.

Thompson Pass, AK March 2013
Thompson Pass, AK March 2013